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Smart Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits - PF122

Smart Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits - PF122

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Wi-Fi Pet Feeder with RCA App Control for Remote Feeding, 6-Liter Capacity, BPA-Free Materials, Voice Assistant Compatible


  • The RCA Automatic Pet Food Dispenser is an app-enabled solution to feed your pets when you’re away. With a 6-liter, 25 cup holding capacity, our feeder ensures your furry friends are nourished and content, even in your absence. Through the RCA App, you can tailor a feeding schedule for your pets up to 30 meals per day, each with customizable portion sizes from 1 to 12 portions per meal
  • Stay connected with your pets wherever you are. The app allows you to monitor feeding records, remotely dispense food, and share access with friends, family, and trusted pet sitters. The app also allows you to set parameters like automatic portion adjustments based on changes in the temperature
  • Cleaning up after your pets is a breeze with the detachable feeding bowl and dishwasher-safe stainless steel feeding tray. The feeder can be disassembled in seconds for easy cleaning with soap and warm water. Built from food-grade, BPA-free materials, our feeder prioritizes the health and safety of your beloved pets. A built-in desiccant bag ensures moisture resistance, preserving the freshness of your pet's meal


  • App Enabled, Voice Assistant Compatible: With the RCA Automatic Pet Feeder, create a personalized feeding plan for your furry companion with the flexibility of up to 30 meals per day, each customizable with 1-12 portions. Our user-friendly app empowers you to effortlessly manage feeding records, remotely dispense food, and conveniently grant feeder access to friends, family, or pet-sitters. Integrate with Alexa for hands-free pet feeding, allowing you to multitask seamlessly while still providing exceptional care for your pet
  • Liter Capacity, BPA-Free Materials: 6-Liter Capacity, BPA-Free Materials: The RCA Automatic Pet Feeder has a 6-liter capacity, holding over 25 cups of food, perfect for large dog breeds, small pets who need frequent meals, or multiple animals. Anti-clog design ensures each meal is dispensed without issues, so you can rest easy. The pet feeder is also built from BPA-free materials for your pet’s safety in mind
  • Dual Power Modes: The RCA Automatic Power Feeder includes a 5V power adaptor. If an outlet isn’t available, the pet feeder can be powered by 4 AA batteries (not included)


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