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Smart Cam with HD Video Screen for Video Calls & Conferencing - IC305

Smart Cam with HD Video Screen for Video Calls & Conferencing - IC305

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1080p Web Cam, Vlog Cam, Gaming Cam, Security Camera.
No Phone or Computer Required | Wifi, Motion Tracking, 128GB Storage.


  • Introducing the RCA Smart Cam: Your Ultimate Video Calls & Conferencing Companion!
  • The RCA Smart Cam is an advanced video communication device designed for video calls and conferencing. It features a built-in 1080p camera and 2.8” IPS high-definition video screen, providing crystal-clear visuals for an immersive experience. The device also offers 2-way audio, enabling seamless communication with clear sound transmission.
  • See and Be Seen in Stunning Clarity: Boasting a built-in 1080p camera and 2.8” IPS high-definition video screen, the RCA Smart Cam ensures you see your loved ones in striking clarity during video calls. Bid farewell to pixelated, grainy images – now, every conversation feels like a face-to-face encounter.
  • Immersive Audio Interaction: Feel connected with your loved ones or colleagues through our innovative 2-way audio feature. Crystal-clear sound transmission lets you engage in natural, uninterrupted conversations, as if you were right there in the room.
  • Stay Close to Your Favorites: With two programmable call buttons, you can instantly connect with your favorite contacts. One-touch dialing simplifies the process, keeping you connected to those who matter most at the press of a button.
  • Capture More with a Wide FOV: Featuring a wide 120° Field of View, the RCA Smart Cam ensures that everyone is included in the conversation. No one gets left out, making group calls and video conferences more engaging and dynamic.
  • Endless Storage, No Constraints: With expandable storage of up to 128GB, you'll never have to worry about running out of space for your recordings. Store precious memories, important presentations, and everything in between with ease.
  • Upgrade your communication game and redefine how you connect with the RCA Smart Cam. Embrace a future of hassle-free, high-definition video calls, and unleash your potential for productivity and creativity like never before. Stay connected, stay innovative – with RCA.


  • ALL-IN-ONE INNOVATION – RCA brings you an innovative hi-def camera with built-in video screen that covers all your communication needs in one streamlined design. Perfect for use as a web cam, vlogging cam, security camera, and seamless video conferencing—featuring a 1080p camera, crystal-clear video screen, high-definition 2-way audio, and 2 programmable call buttons for your favorite contacts.
  • NO PHONE REQUIRED – Everything you need for high-fidelity video conferencing is built-in. Connect seamlessly via Wifi and enjoy video calls with family and friends without a smartphone or tablet. Network from your office desk or set up at home to stay connected to the ones you love. Now your kids can chat with their grandparents whenever they want without borrowing your phone!
  • HI-DEF VIDEO –Enjoy HD video calls for business meetings, virtual classes, and chatting with friends. Appear poised and professional with the built-in 1080p video camera. See your contacts clearly on the 2.8” IPS high-definition video screen. Record and save high-resolution videos for vlogging. Set up as a security cam and have a hi-def view of any space in your home while you’re away.
  • 350° PAN & TILT – Take control of your viewing experience with 350 degrees of adjustable pan & tilt. Effortlessly adjust the camera angle to capture the perfect perspective, so you never miss a moment. You can even adjust the camera remotely, providing heightened security for your home while you’re away. Plus, the super-wide 120° field of view allows you to see an entire room at once. Get the whole family into the frame for group video calls with loved ones across the world!
  • MOTION TRACKING – Stay centered in the frame, even if you move around, with our advanced Motion Tracking technology. This innovative camera follows your every move, keeping you the focus of attention at all times. Now you can multitask during video calls with family without disappearing from the frame.
  • EXPANDABLE STORAGE – Save precious videos calls for viewing later with an integrated SD card slot supporting up to 128GB. Record vlogs and easily transfer video to your social media accounts. Store precious memories, important presentations, and everything in between with ease.


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